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Welcome to my Sokoban++ Skin Site.You can find it the game here These are skins for Sokoban++ (they might work in other games but I have not tried them).  I became addicted to making skins for this game years ago but busy life left little time to update it. Then my computer crashed and I lost everything!!! OUCH!!  But that's been fixed my loving daughter bought me a new laptop and a 32 gig flash drive to make sure I don't lose my skins again. So now I am retired and have free time (alot of it lol) so I am restarting my site. I am reloading all my old skins plus a lot of new ones. I plan on updating weekly and I am hosting on 4shared I promise to keep them alive. I put 24 sets per zip it is easier to upload that way. I hope you enjoy them. Any comments are welcome( via contact us or email [email protected]) Have Fun!!!!  Please visit my Terms of Use page to see the real talent behind my skins. :)

Previews and Download Links

Below are previews and download links 

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Example Skin 1 - 24

Example Skin 25 - 48

Example Skin 49 - 72

Example Skin 73 - 96

Example Skin 97 - 124